Palm Trees can take your landscape to the next level of elegance and make you feel like you’re on vacation, every time you look or step outside!


Also known as Cabbage palm
Height: -8 to 30 FEET
Trunk diameter: -12-24 inches
Each leaf is up to 8 feet long.
Leaf bases, also known as boots. The trunk can have a smooth or booted appearance.
Full Sun exposure:
Sabal Palm can tolerate a broad range of soil conditions.
This species is found from North Carolina on South, through South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida…
the Bahamas, Caribbean and Cuba.
Especially thriving along the coastlines of Southeastern US, tolerating high amounts of saltwater and salt air.
It has a tan-gray, unbranched trunk, and large crown with fanlike leaves.
The crown is relatively small, being 12-18 ft in diameter.
Like many palms the crown is typically wider when grown in shade and more compact when grown in full sun.
The large leaves have a dull finish and are a medium green, sometimes yellow-green in color.

$30 per foot Planted
$20 per foot Picked up



It is very attractive planted in groves and groupings especially when plants of different heights are staggered in irregular patterns.
An extremely hardy palm tree with an attractive, compact crown with large, stiff, fan-like, green foliage and distinctive hairy black fibers covering its slender, graceful trunk.
A striking specimen that is excellent for making a tropical statement.
Fits well into small areas like courtyards and entries in smaller landscapes and rock gardens. Works well in group plantings and containers.

7 gal $90.00
$60 per foot Planted
$50 per foot Picked up



Also known as European Fan Palm
Slow growing; forms clumps 4 to 7 ft. tall.
The hardiest of all palms with its attractive multi-trunked habit that forms rounded clumps.
An attractive, compact crown of blue-green, deeply cut, fan-shaped foliage.
Mass under trees or use as barrier planting.
Beauty, ruggedness, versatility, cold hardiness and drought resistance.

$175 per foot Planted
$100 per foot Picked up



Also known as The Pineapple Palm
Grows slowly, up to 40 feet tall.
Up to 30 ft. wide.
Bears Fruit
A heavy-trunked Palm, with a predominant bulge at the top.
A large crown of 8-15 foot long leaves.
Dense, gracefully arching fronds.
Striking form makes a bold statement in the tropical landscape.
Good on slopes.
Massive and imposing, the Canary Island Date Palm is the center of attention wherever it is planted.

5 gal $45.00
Mature tree is sold for $200 per foot



Mature height, around 5 feet
Mature Width, around 5 feet
Full to Partial Sun
Can be spaced 4-6 feet apart
Slow growing.
Drought Tolerant
This very symmetrical plant supports a crown of shiny, dark green leaves and typically about 8 inches in diameter, sometimes wider.
Trunks can branch several times, thus producing multiple heads of leaves.
The leaves are a deep semi-glossy green and 30 inches long.
It is easy to care for and will provide you with an elegant and breezy island look that can be easily grown in any space.

5 Gallon $45.00


Based on rainfall, Palm Trees will need to be watered for the first few months.

We Deliver

We sell, deliver and install our Palm trees throughout Georgia, East Alabama and North Florida. Minimum delivery charge of $50.00, for the first 25 miles. $2.50 each additional mile. Sloped lots and/or areas where the use of heavy equipment is not easily accessible, is and additional 20% charge. This charge is up to the installer.

*Palms Plus and all employees will not be responsible for broken water lines, pipes underground cables, or replacement mulch, rock, sod or other landscaping materials surrounding the planting site.

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